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Day of dependence direction change.

2014.03.11 1159 kovo 11. Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania celebration in vilnius-lithuania

und evening nationalist meeting:

20140311 172748 Kovo11. Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania in vilnius-lithuania

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Horrible Horror – Sochi 2014 virtual tour

«РИА Новости» just published a 360 video tour to Sochi 2014 Olympic objects.

360 video is quite new technology – allow you to see action around you – it is normally done when there is some interesting movement around you, or operator moves in some interesting route. Wingsuit jump f.ex.

360 video quality is usually  mediocre – because it normally filmed with 6 GoPro cameras – it have lower dynamic range, bad colors, lower resolution etc. it benefit only from action around.
Static DSLR panoramas are much better, because it is done with DSLR with all benefits of RAW processing.

I was so surprised – they use low quality 360 videos instead of simple spherical panoramas almost everywhere … in places where there are no action at all and the camera is not moving :)

It is so stupid..  For this project it cost more money, take more time, more difficult to make And result!:  gives you lower quality! :)

Here I made a simple comparison between my last DSLR static  panorama from mountains and their panorama from videocameras:

And there is no gigapixels  at all…

Looks like some russian stupid official was demanding ONLY the latest technology :)

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Vilnius New, 2014, Year fireworks panorama

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Louvre at dusk spherical panorama


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Piccadilly Circus at dusk spherical panorama

click o image to view interactive version:

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Do we need more than 3 brackets for HDR?

2013.10.29: UPDATE
Considering critical input from other photographers I am going to revise article with more “HDRic” outdoor example with more colors and dynamic range and may be different conclusion. Just need to wait for sunny days :)

2013.10.24 ARTICLE:
Recently I faced strange phenomenon – some panoramic photographers started doing HDR from 5, 7 or even 9 brackets, stating that it gives better image quality than standard HDR from 3 images. Continue reading

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2.5 gigapixel view from top of Eiffel tower

2011 09 29 1503 Paris Eiffel spherical 2.45 gigapixel 70000×35000 in paris-france


Vilnius marathon 2013 panorama

2013 0915 1441 Vilniaus Maratonas in vilnius-lithuania

шахматистов не обнаружено.

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