Photography school

Aleksandr Reznik photography school in Vilnius.

As it is difficult to find enough participants for group photography trainings in Vilnius I do mostly individual trainings. Individual trainings are very person specific, but in most cases I use the same syllabus as in group trainings.

Here is the base program:

History/equipment: We start from the history of photography. Then we look deeper at modern photography equipment (some people who doesn’t have camera and hesitating which camera/lenses to buy are particularly interested in this part).

Exposure/camera modes: this part is about basics of right exposure, Aperture/shutter speed/ISO meaning. Understanding histogram. Aperture priority, shutter speed priority, program mode, Exposure compensation,  exposure lock, metering modes – this topics will be covered in this module.

Files/digital workflow/Post processing: We’ll talk about JPG and RAW difference, and how to deal with your files (storsage standarts, renaming, working with EXIF data,  changing timestamp). Some basics of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. How deep this module we’ll be covered highly depends of a student computer proficiency.

Composition/photography: Basics of composition in photography. Then we’ll go through different types of photography:

  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Night photography
  • Sport photography
  • Using flash
  • Panoramic photography
  • Macro
  • HDR
  • Freezelight


Information about courses:

I deliver individual courses at my home in Antakalnis. Standard duration  is 2 academic hours, which costs 100Lt (other options possible on agreement). For registration or getting additional information please contact me at or +37064752717.


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