new panoramic head

After I lost pano-maxx in London – decided to order cheap one from China  (fotomate). Not bad for 140$. Only click-stops are only clicks 🙂20130802_194356_1024

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  1. Jared says:

    Just like u I don’t like spending much. I’ve used panosourus for the last year but now with the canon 6d and a heavy lens attached I’m afraid it’s not strong enough nor precise enough.

    Does the fotomate lock in well at critical angles. What the longest lens you are able to shoot with? Can you consistantly aquite giga pixel?

    Thanks for your feed back!


    • admin says:

      Not all heads hold 5d and 16-35 II. Ranosaurus don’t AFAIK
      This head hold all my lenses, maximum it hold 5d mk2 +300mm f/4l +1.4x. But i don’t use panoramic head for gigapixels – in gigapixels normally there is no foreground, normal head is ok 🙂

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