2.5 gigapixel view from top of Eiffel tower

2011 09 29 1503 Paris Eiffel spherical 2.45 gigapixel 70000×35000 in paris-france

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2 Responses to 2.5 gigapixel view from top of Eiffel tower

  1. Looks Good!!
    I was wondering if it was taken from 4 corners and stiched together or just one point?
    What was the lens used?
    and again, looks very good!


  2. admin says:

    6 corners:). Combined 16mm, 50mm und 98mm (canon 5d mk2) handheld. As always: half hour to shoot, 10 days to stitch 🙂
    Sky is done with 16mm lens. I planed stitching it from 50mm and shoot all 50mm images in raw, but i did a mistake f/11, 1/120, iso 100 – many of them was blurred because hands sticked out with camera from tower do shake more (i should go for ISO 400). A took two another sets with 70-200 is + 1.4x at 98mm and 280mm (unfortunately jpg). All of them are sharp because of IS

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